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Bad days

I'm a college student .Today is announcement of cet4 results.But it's a bad news for me.The standard of results is 425, I only got 423 points.This is my three times for taking aprat it.It's meaning that I have to lose this opportunity to get scholarship for last term.The cet4 will be change Next time ,the eassy type test item will be new.So I am so scared to meet it.



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    Bad days

    I'm a college student. Today is I received the announcement of my cet4 results, but it was bad news for me. The required standard of result is 425, and I only got 423 points. This is my third time for taking part in it. It means that I have to lost this opportunity to get a scholarship for last next term. The cet4 will be change next time,the essay type test item will be new. So I am so scared about to meet it.

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