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No, I do not look like someone who is listening to Heavy Metal

It was a funny day at work today. I was in a class about how to disarm situations, where our workless customers might could get very angry and even can turn violent. The first half of the training we already did on monday. We had a great teacher, who made the training very funny and interesting. It was the best training of all the trainings I had to do at work, since I started at 1st July.

At the beginning, as he said to activate our brains, we had to take papers. Everyone had a different question on the paper, we should read loud and then answer. My question was about the situation that I received a free ticket for a Rock Concert, Classic Concert or an Opera. I should choose one of those three and say why I choose this and not the others.

Then I said, that I choose the Rock Concert. Not because I like the music, but because it is closest to Heavy Metal. Everyone else in the room, even the teacher, were surprised. We already had the topic on monday, that you always decide about people how they look. They were surprised that a guy like me, wearing a normal shirt, normal jeans, wearing glasses and have short hair is listening to Heavy Metal. But at all, it was nice for the teacher because I was the perfect example, of how wrong prejudices can be.

I always listen to Heavy Metal. I would like to be on concerts of Metallica or ManOwaR but I cannot, because of these so called fans there. They are not fans to me. People which do not listen to Heavy Metal believe, that fans of Heavy Metal always have long hair, wearing black and at all look like Gothics. But this is totally wrong.

Real Heavy Metal started in the late 70s to early 80s, where normal clothings and Jeans were modern. Yes, long hair was already common for this time and is until today, but all these dark clothings came from Death Metal and Black Metal, which is no music to me. Only screaming, only crushing the Guitar. There is no voice, no melody beside the hard tones. Metallica and ManOwaR know how to do it. But thanks to those wrong Metal fans, all people think you need to wear dark clothings and paint your skin black and white, like Kiss did, to listen to this music. But this is not how it has started.

Just look at this band picture of Metallica. Black hair? The smell of graveyards in the air? No. This is how Heavy Metal is. This is how it started. And this is why even normal guys like me can listen to Heavy Metal. The believe that Metal fans are all dressed like Gothics is a total mistake.




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