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The bar-chart show the trend in the sales of DVD/video, Game software and CDs from 2000 to 2003 aroud the world
As can be seen from the chart. The sale of DVD/video and Game show an upward trend. In contrast, the selling of CDs show a downward trend slightly
Between 2000 and 2003. The sale of DVD/video have risen by nearly 13.5 billion dollars. In 2000, just under 20 billion dollars be obtained from the sale of this. But until 2003 this number had risen to just over 33 billion dollars. Meanwhile the sale of Game software show an upward trend during this period. In this period, the selling of Game software have rosen by about 7 billion dollars and it peaked at approximately 17 billion dollars in 2003.
Turning to the sale of CDs. It was different from DVD and Game. It have dropped in this period. In 200, this figure was 35 billion dollars and then having a downward trend slightly to about 32 billion dollars in 2003.
To sum up. the sale of DVD and Game have risen significant during this period by con trast, this figure of CDs have fallen slightly




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