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Hindi to English anuvaad kijiye.

1. Us mez par (un mezo par) kya hai? - Wht is on that table (that tables)?
2. Aap kisko (kise) yah kitaab dete hain? - To whom do u give this book?
3. Kis kamre (kin kamro) mein almariyan nahi hain? - In which room (rooms) there r no dressers?
Is, us kamre (un, in kamro) mein almariyan nahi hain. - This, in that room (those, in these rooms) there r no dressers.
4. Adhyapak ji mujhe (tumhe, hame, unhe, inhe) pen dete hain. - Teacher gives to me (to you, to us, to them(those), to them(these)) a pen.
5. Is bagiche mein aap log kya ugate hain? - Wht do you (ppl) grow in this garden?
6. Woh kaun hai? - Who are u?
7. Yah kya hai? - Wht is this?
8. Yah kiske kitaab hai? Yah uski (meri, hamari, tumhari, aapki) kitaab hai. - Whose is this book? It is his/her (my, our, your, Your) book.
9. Ye kinke pen hain? Ye hamare pen hain. - Whoese are these pens? These are our pens.
10. Wah kiska kampyutar hai? Wah us cchatr ka kampyutar hai jo hamare ghar mein rahta hai. - Whose is this computer? It is computer of that student which lives in our house.
11. Yahan koi hai? Yahan koi nahi hai. - Is anybody here? Nobody is here.
12. Yahan jo kuch hai wah kiska hai? Yahan jo kuch hai wah sab cchatro ka hai. - Something which is here, whose is this? Something which is here, it is all students'.
13. Yah kitaab kiski ko nahi dijiye. - Don't give this book to anyone.
14. Wah kiski cchatr se namaste kahta hai. - He said hello to some student.
15. Jis makaan mein ham rahte hain wah hamare bhai ka makaan hai. - That house where we live, is our brother's house.
16. Jin logo ko ham dekhte hain ve is sansthan ke adhyapak hain. - That ppl which u look at, they are institute's teachers.
17. Ye kitaaben kin ke liye hain? Ve un cchatro ke liye hain jo hamare sansthan mein hindi sikhte hain. - For what are these books? They are for that students who are learning hindi in our institute.




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    Great work, I found just these two errors

    13. Yah kitaab kiski kisi ko nahi dijiye. - Don't give this book to anyone.
    14. Wah kiski (Kiski means 'whose') kuchh cchatron se(ko) namaste kahta hai. - He said (said - past tense?) says hello to some student.

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