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Today is birthday of Lord Krishna

Today is Janmashtami. This day the God Krishna was born. It is celebrated as a birthday of Krishna. It fall every year in the month of August. This is one of the biggest religious festival of Hindus. Lord Krishna taught us a lesson of Karma in the Geeta ( the holy book). This tell us aim of our coming to earth, it talks about soul which is immortal. He said its only body that dies not soul and much more is there in Geeta . This day people keep fast the whole day, since morning till late midnight 12.00p.m.. Krishna took birth on this earth at 12.00 p.m. Having been sighted the moon, fast is broken. Some staunch devotees don’t even have a sip of water till 12.p.m. Temples are very crowded this day. All temples, be it small of local colonies or big of cities are decorated beautifully like bride. School, colleges and most of the offices remain closed this day. One day prior , function are held in schools. Children perform the role of God Krishna. They dressed up in traditional attire of that era. Even in every corner of colonies children performed the role of Krishna, Radha and his friends. They make artificial temple and decorate that very beautifully. Many days prior to this festival, children start collecting money from every home of nearby locality to make arrangements for festivals. Since dawn evotional songs are held iat temples which last till late midnight. At night people keep roaming with families from one temple to another because of the beauty of the temples as they are decorated with lighting and at night lighting beatifies this. Delicious food is part of every festival in our country, so is this also. Several types of foods are prepared, mostly milk based as He was very fond of milk, butter, So after 12 o’clock prayer is offered at home and whatever we have prepared in foods is first offered to Him and water is offered to Moon and Moon is also worshiped. Then we break our fast and have the eatables




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