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A Fail Haircut

This afternoon, I had a funny experience about a fail haircut of a young man. About 4pm, I went into a salon near my house and the main barber of the salon was cutting for a customer. I had to wait until he finished. Meanwhile, the young man whom I mentioned above went into the salon and asked for a haircut. Because the main barber was busy so another barber who has a name B cut for the young man. I'd already known that B still has lack of experience in making a haircut so I refer to wait for the main barber but the young man didn't know that. I thought B must make a mistake in cutting and it's went on as exactly as I thought =)). The young man was very angry because his head, what can I say? Uhm, It looks like you put a globe and a box together. Everyone who was in the salon including me laughed like we had never laughed before. It's absolutely hilarious.




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