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T4: Curse of the pharaohs 2

The famous Egyptologist James Henry worked with Carter soon after opening the tomb of Tutankhamun for the first time. He reported how Carter sent a messenger on a task to his house. On approaching the house he heard a faint voice resembling human cry, and on reaching the entrance he saw Carter's canary killed by a cobra, the symbol of Egyptian monarchy. it was reported that Carter's house had been broken into by the same royal cobra which was protecting the king's head from enemies strikes.

The first of the mysterious deaths was that of Lord Carnarvon who was the financial sponsor of the excavation team and was also present during the tomb's opening. He had been bitten by a mosquito, and later while he was shaving, he cut the bitten area by mistake. it got blood poisoning as a result. The first autopsy carried out on the body of Tutankhamun found a healed scar on the left cheek of the king. Because Lord Carnarvon was buried six months before that, it wasn't possible to determine if the scar location corresponded with the mosquito bite.
On the other side, the famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass mentioned that he was once trying to transform some artifacts from the Greece-Roman site. On that day his cousin died, on it's anniversary his uncle died, and on the third anniversary his aunt died. Later, he was involved in the transforming of two child mummies to the museum. He was then haunted by them into his dreams. The phenomena hadn't stopped till they were gathered with the mummy of their father. Zahi then realized that mummies should never be displayed to the public!




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