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Is compromise always the best way to resolve a conflict?


Some people may take compromise as a good solution for all differences. That is :if compromise, then agreement. But I don't think myself have the same perspective with these persons. If you were in the right side of the matter, and you compromised for agreement, you were helping what is wrong. We can figure this out in matters of our lives.
My mother is a person hard to say"no". She always compromise when my little sisiter make request. One day, my little sister wanted a toy of other child's. My mother apparently didn't like to satisfy her. Then the little girl cried and cried and my mother compromised. She bought the toy from that child for her little crying girl. I did not agree my mother's doing this, because it would make my sister thinking that she could get everything she want if she cry. That is harmful for her growing and she will pay for her wrong concept in her later life.Compromise does not always result in goodness.



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