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Hebrew Dictionary with Pronunciation


So, I've come across

Does anyone know any other resources paid or free?




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    (This is not a correction, I am writing here because in the comments it is impossible to press enter to type on the next line so the text gets all squished together and hard to read.)  

    Here are some useful resources for you or for whoever else, to find help with pronunciation:


    Here if you scroll down a little you have a list of categories. If you press on a category you can find a list of words. If you press on the little arrow for each word you can play the sound.


    Another great help for pronunciation is this one:

    The lady reads phrases and she has excellent pronunciation. There are various videos on various topics. Also try this link by the same people:

    Similar to the above, but this time the lady reads just words and not whole phrases.  Excellent pronunciation.


    Another helpful one is this

    Select a category eg animals, tools, etc, then choose Hebrew, enter, choose learn. A few cards will show up for the category.  Press on a card to hear the pronunciation.  


    This recording of the Bible read in Hebrew (Tanach / Old Testament only) was prepared by the Central Library for the Blind in Israel.  You can hear a sample of it, Genesis ch 1 for free here:

    If you like reading the Bible, and you want to hear a truly excellent reading to help you learn to read, this man reads perfect according to the proper reading of Biblical Hebrew (which is occasionally slightly different than the customary modern Hebrew pronunciation).  This recording is perhaps expensive, but to me it is well well well worth it, I listen to it every day, I read my Hebrew Bible and hear his reading, and then I practice reading on my own.  


    I hope some of these help



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