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Udtalen af "-et"

I've been learning danish for 3 weeks and I wonder how I should pronounce the enfing "-et" on the end of words.As t in english or ,as I heard, as danish soft D.
I need your help and I appreciate it in advance :-)




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    (I noticed that the comment removed all my line breaks, messing up the structure. I think it preserves them if I post it like a correction instead, so here you go.)

    Hi Tomek
    If the stress is not on the last syllable: Yes, the most common way to pronounce it is like a solf D. Listen: The house Silly

    In some regions the t-sound is more prominent, so I wouldn't consider it wrong to pronounce it. Here, for example, is a guy from Aarhus pronouncing "flyttet" (moved):

    If the stress is on the last syllable, it is pronounced like a T, and it can never become like a soft D: abnormitet, banalitet, banket, densitet, effektivitet, ... For example, words equivalent of the English nouns ending in -ty. Abnormity, banality, density, ... These have stress on the last syllable, and the T is hard.


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