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The difference between улица and дорога.

I found an interesting way to find the difference between улицей и дорогой.
I searched the internet for those words and used the image search and the difference was so clear !!.
I also have searched the internet using Google image search for the word (мешок )..the dictionary tells it is (bag)..I wanted to know what kind of bags the мешок is , the result was interesting too. So each time I need to know about the meaning of a (noun) word in Russian language I prefer to use image search in google. :)




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    Улица translates as street, and дорога as road. The difference is that an yлица has buildings or houses lining it; a street cannot be isolated. Streets are in cities or populated areas. For example, if you are talking about someone's address (where they live) then you would call it a street, not a road.

    Roads (dorogi) on the other hand, are more isolated. They are not lined by buildings or homes. They transport people from one town to the next. Roads are not found in cities, they are in villages or small towns. They are surrounded by more natural things than streets, such as forests or deserts.




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