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Exercise: Side Effect of the Computer Technology


As the world becomes technologically advanced, computers are replacing more and more jobs.

Describe some job positions that may be lost because of computers, and discuss at least one problem that may result.


In addition to the language used in the answer, the content is also evaluated. It’s no less important that the question(s) are exactly and well addressed. Also, ideas should be organised in an orderly and logical way. Sentences should be clear and unambiguous. Correct register must be used.


The rapid technological improvements have brought about profound changes to everyone’s life. Among them, the advent and development of computer technology are perhaps the most influential.

Many and various positions will be lost as a result of the fast progressing computer technology. People will feel less necessary to write letters and have them sent because the more convenient and less expensive emails will be favoured. As a result, many postmen and post women will lose their jobs. When the voice recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence are mature enough, customers will find it as easy as asking humans to get information from a computer over telephone. Consequently, most staff members in call centres will lose their jobs. E-commerce will make employers less dependent on salespersons and shopkeepers. This is because employers can run their shops and advertise their products online. Therefore, many shopkeepers and salespersons will be let go too.

Generally speaking technological developments benefit people more than harm them, but some issues caused by them cannot be ignored. The one worth mentioning is the possible loss of postmen and women. Though emails have a substantial number of advantages, unfortunately, they are no substitution for the traditional way of sending a letter. The sharp decrease in this industry will result in people’s inconvenience and high cost of sending something physical, such as a parcel. Furthermore, an email cannot carry the warmth of a traditional letter. For example, you cannot see the handwriting of your friend and smell the scent of your love through an email. These, however, are easy for a traditional letter to transfer.

In conclusion, computer technology’s fast development is bound to result in job losses in many industries. Though it is generally beneficial, it can be argued that it will also lead to problems at the same time.




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