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My Homework #2

Hello everyone. I will post here my homework again. Can you help me?

Answer the Questions.

Do you think people prefer ipads to notebooks nowadays?
R: Yes I think, because ipads is very mobile and small.

Where were you yesterday morning?
R: I was in my house yesterday morning.

Were you a good student when you were a child?
R: yes I was.

What are you thinking about doing next vocation?
R: I'm thinking to go to Rio de Janeiro.

What were you doing last Saturday afternoon?
I was in Caldas Novas.

Where were you last Chistmas?
R: I was in farm with my family.

What time do you usually leave home to go to work or school?
R: I usually to leave my home at 7:20 to go to work.

How many contacts do you have on your Facebook account?
R: I don't have Facebook.

Are you thinking about living in another country?
R: Yes I'm. My dreams is living in Irland or Portland.

What are you thinking about doing next weekend?
R: I'm thinking about to go to Uberlandia for to eat Japonese food.

Thanks !




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