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The Color of Paradise

is a movie'name,I watched it tonight,I was very moved by the film.In the movie,the blind boy is sended to a special school,he is a shy and smart boy.When sunmmer vacation is coming ,all parents connect their child go home but for him.He is very sad,but waiting his father all the time.In the end,his father appearing,the boy very happy,he touched his father hand and kissed it.I moved by this scene,next,there is so much going on.This movie is good,someone would like it.




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    The Color of Paradise

    <The Color of Paradise> is a movie's name. I watched it last night and I was very moved by the film. In the movie, a blind boy was sent to a special school. He was a shy and smart boy. As summer vacation approached, all the parents contacted their child to return home except his. He was very sad but kept waiting for his father. In the end, his father appeared and the boy was very happy. He touched his father's hand and kissed it. I was moved by this scene. The movie was good, I'm sure some of you would like it.

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