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Have you ever asked your selves when you’ve watched too many supernatural films? Part 1

Have you ever asked your selves when can you affirm you’ve watched too many supernatural films or series?
If your answer is no, please don’t waste a second thinking about it. Believe me when I say the moment you cross the line, you know it! Anyway, I’ll give you an example.

First of all, I want to say I’m a defender of public transport. If you get used to leaving long before the time you’re supposed to catch the bus (or train) and you’re patient enough to wait a little more than you expected, you will find it an almost perfect way of travelling.
Any of you could ask me “Once you’ve got used to endless waits, why do you say almost perfect?” It’s because there’s one thing you will never get to manage with, it doesn’t matter how patient you are: the ghostly last bus or train. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about ghosts...)
I don’t know exactly why, but sometimes, luckily not often, the last bus never arrives. And if you ask a station worker he/she will tell you “it has just left the station”. It doesn’t matter if you have been waiting for that bus half an hour ... it has just left!

And why am I telling you that? Just because I need you to understand that in that moment you’get really angry, so angry that you don’t even think on calling a taxi. You just get out of the station and start walking home.

You are still angry, really angry, somebody has just tried to pull you leg (I’m not sure if that’s the translation for “alguien te acaba de tomar el pelo”), so you don’t pay attention on what time it is (4am), or how empty the streets are, or the silence around you. And you don’t even think of the fact you have a forty minutes way home.

But some minutes later, when you are half way, you realise you’re walking alone at 4am.
It has happened to me just too twice in my live (luckily). The first time I was fifteen. I remember that time I felt just scared walking through one street which was very bad illuminated. But, in that moment, I just remember thinking of a bad person running towards me.

(Continues in part2)




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