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Have you ever asked your selves when you’ve watched too many supernatural films? Part 2

(second part)

The second time It happened to me, I was about thirty. In theory, I was more mature and more self-confident .... but I had spent double hours watching TV.

This time, when I saw a streetlight flickering, my first thought was not about “somebody” getting out from the dark. And, please, don’t even suppose I was expecting a vampire to appear. Thanks to The Vampire diaries, Twilight, and so on (is this the translation for etcetera?), we all know that a vampire is not just a heartless blood-drinker! They can be really kind if you ask them about their past live and tell them you are really, really sorry about their fate instead of shouting or running. :)

No way, it was worst. I was thinking on a brain-less, hungry and nasty being. What if what comes after me is a zombie?! In that moment you feel really, really stupid. If you’re lucky it would be a slow one, and even if they are many you may be on time to get to your house! Why are you worried about that?!

Seriously, I don’t think that having that thought during a few second means you’re already insane at all.
When you really, really have a serious problem is when you arrive home, put the key in the lock and you think “what if what’s waiting inside is my zombie-mum?”

Then you’ve seen supernatural series and films enough...They are making you feel unsecure at home! :)

Sorry If it’s too long, I would be grateful for a partial correction too.
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