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Why do I want to study in Germany?

The proverb says: “It’s not a shame not to know, it's a shame not to learn”. I completely agree with this statement and believe that learning, self-development, self-cultivation is one of the most important things in life. Thus that’s the reason why I want to study abroad: I want to develop in the new environment.
Studying abroad is a great experience of immersion into a new culture, meeting new people and exploring new methods of teaching. I suppose it will help me to broaden my horizons and grow as a person.
I am a student of the State University of Management and my major is foreign economic activity. After graduating from my university I would like to find a job in a Foreign Trade Department in some international company or at least in some Russian company cooperating with foreign ones. I suppose that the competition for the job will be significant, so I should be really good economist and English- and German-speaker. So I think it is the great opportunity for me. This education will help me become fluent in English and German, to get some communication skills and deepen and broaden the knowledge of economics and business and, as a consequence, to make a successful career. It should be noted that in Russia people with some European education have more chances to find a good job.
I really like Germany as a country, because of its location in the center of Europe, its language and culture. I love German literature from The Brothers Grimm to Goethe and certainly Remarque. German high schools have traditionally been considered among the best in Europe. I would like to study in the University of Passau because I heard a lot of positive opinions about it. It has a very high level of education, and internationalism is one of the most important characteristics there. The town, which is situated in Bavaria, seems great to me as well! I have always been studying English and started starting German at the university as well and I want to get education in these languages very much!
I want to go there for new personal experience, new knowledge, new experience and new skills, which I will be able to use in my motherland.



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