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confused of life

Recently for a month,i mood sometime good or bad .because me thinking have a good development of career .so i come to guangdong ,expect he could help me,but as far as now me remain without job. now i really sadly . i whether should go on waiting chance of he give me,he nowadays was very successfully,he ever promise will be offer a chance of job,so i had been believe he. because my english is not good,so i learning english yet. everything i had been without tell family and my girlfriend,because i not want they worried for me .i aways believe all tough will be pass ,as long as me insist and go on hard.future how can i do of ?
please everyone help me correct this article .thanks!meanwhile put forward suggestion for me !appreciate...



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    Confused of about Life

    In recently for a month, my mood is sometimes good but sometimes or bad, because me I'm thinking about developing ment of my career. So I come to Guangdong, expecting he could this would help, me,but as far as until now me I remain without jobless. Now I feel really sadly, wondering whether I should go on waiting for a chance from him or not. of he give me, He is nowadays was very successfully. He ever once promised that he would will be offer me a chance of job, and so I had been believed he him. because Since my English is not good, I've started learning English already yet. I did everything i had been without telling my family and my girlfriend, because I don't not want they to be worried about for me. I aways believe that all tough things would will be pass by, as long as I me insist persevere and go on keep working hard. Future, what can I do for you? / how can I deal with you? how can i do of ? (不太明白这句意思)

    Please everyone help me correct this text article and give me some advice. Thanks, !meanwhile put forward suggestion for me ! I really appreciate your kindness.


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