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I Only Dream Weird Dreams

I cannot sleep long. I'm too used to stand up at 3:30 am in the morning. Even now at weekend, I cannot sleep longer than until 7:30 am. I don't like this situation, but I also cannot sleep long because I always dream so weird dreams. Always a mixture of the things I saw.

One dream, I dreamt around one week ago, was that I and many people were on a ship and suddenly it was sinking. We went up the stairs inside the ship, to get on deck and to the life saving boats. The weather was completely sunny. Then we walked along the deck but didn't saw any boats. I asked where they are and they said we should go to the other side of the deck. But there was another group already coming, which did not found a boat either. Than the people were so desperate, they started to shoot each other. It was like in the chinese movie Assembly. The pictures, the background music it all played. All were knowing they were going to die. I saw two shooting from a window, than became shot from some at the deck. Then I saw through a window one soldier on the stairs sitting, I just went up and shot himself into his mouth with his rifle. Then I saw one, taking cover, breathing deeply then screamed, walked out of the cover and shoot and had been shot as well. All were chinese. All looked like in the movie Assembly. And that the boat was sinking, I think it came from the game Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, during the Pearl Harbour scene.

Last night I dreamt of work, that the workless customers of our Jobcenter had their appointments right in my parents home. Or I dream of the jobs I worked before in my life. In other dreams I get hunted. Sometimes by the police, sometimes by weird bad people. I don't know from where this came. Very often I also dream of video game scenes. Sometimes even from games, I did not played for years.

I do not know what is wrong with me. I just live normally day by day. I'm not a freak and I'm not sick, neither played too much games or watched too many movies. All I know is, that I always had a good mind for remembering pictures. I already knew this before. I also do normally remember things, all others have forgotten even very small things. I don't know what could help me get ridd of these dreams. It is I dream nothing or that. There is nothing nice in my dreams. But I just can carry on. I guess I will dream my whole life like this. Sometimes I even got Deja-Vu.

I do not need any help or something. Maybe it is my destiny to always dream weird and see old things.




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