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First notebook entry: Introducing myself



Eg eiti Drew. Eg eri úr USA. Eg búgvi í Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Eg eri seytjan ára gamal. Eg tosi enskt. Eg geri ikki tosaður føroyskt [gott].




My name is Drew. I am from the USA. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I am seventeen years old. I speak English. I do not speak Faroese [well].


More Info:

I know a bit of Faroese through listening to Tyr, but I'm just barely learning. I have played guitar for 13 years, bass for 4 years, drums for 2 years, Irish tin whistle and Harmonica for 1 year, and a slew of wind instruments off and on. I am extremely interested in learning Faroese, as I have strong Viking roots, and the Faroe Islands also have strong Viking roots. I enjoy Tyr more than any other band, and I find the islands to be breathtakingly beautiful. I look forward to learning this language, and appreciate as much as help as I can! Thank you!



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