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Latina motto translation practice

[Festina lente.] Make haste slowly.<慢慢来>

[Bis das, si cito das.] You will give twice, if you give quickly. <锦上添花不如雪中送炭>

[Philosophia est ars vitae.] Philosophy is the art of life. <哲学乃是生命之艺术>

[Immodica ira creat insaniam.] Immoderate anger creats insanity.<怒不制,则神不清>

[Serete amicos admore;lauda palam.]Do warn friends in secret; Do praise openly.<责友于私;赞友于公>

[Semper paratus et semper fidelis] Always prepared and always faithful. <时刻准备着,永远虔诚着>




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