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Is there any people who can speak swedish in xi an ?

Now i am in the holiday ,but i have no big plan yet ..just clean the room and cook and some jogging or yoga during the holiday ..ya ,i still have some small work even it is holiday time .
I started to learn swedish some days ago ,and tried to make some small letters by swedish .But you can imagain it is so limited .It is a little bit hard to find some fun in it .
And my english is not as good as people think ,mostly i guess what people said , lucky i can guess 90% corretly.i dont know if i have big abmtion that i can speak both english and swedish fluently one day ,but i try to spend time on those language .
By the way ,i move to xi an now(one of middle city of china ) .Is there any people who can speak sweish in xi an ?




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