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Urgent Hangul translation help~~

I hope anybody can translate this to Hangul~ Please help me!

Hello!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday! This birthday letter will be late but I hope you'll still read this wholeheartedly ^^ to be honest, I have a lot to say but now that I'm writing in paper, I forget it all. Maybe because I'm excited and happy? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. First of all, you're the first ever artist that I'll be giving a letter to. I don't know why but I feel like I should really let you know how much you inspire me. And not me, a lot of people worldwide. You were the reason why I wanna be a good artist too. I really hope I can collaborate with you soon when I already become what I want to be. I also want to thank you for being born! ㅠㅠ I also want to thank your mother for giving birth to an awesome and special person! I hope that even though this is just a letter from nobody, it will make you feel happy and it will strengthen you. I also learned a little of Korean because I wanted to understand you but I'm not very good at it. I hope I can meet with you someday so I pray we'll see each other soon! I hope that you'll always be a good boy and no matter what problem may come, you'll always have a positive mind and you won't give up. Always smile because it cheers people up. And it also cheers you. l Whenever you are happy and sad, write it to words and you can make a beautiful song out of it. I've been doing that these days and it feels really good because I feel like I just made a masterpiece. And I pray that you'll become the best artist just like what you want. My letter is not as sweet like some of the letters you get but I hope you'll feel loved and special and you will always fight because when time comes that there won't be any single person supporting you, I'll be standing in front of everybody and I will shout "(name of person) Hwaiting!!" Happy happy birthday! You are the best for me~

Sincerely, Lala from Cebu, Philippines




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