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School should offer more courses to prepare students for the future before they start working.(2)

Although taking some courses different to the students' major may spend their much time, the demand of students is becoming the strength of the university and college, which want to attract well-rounded students. My little sister is choosing a proper university for further study. Conditions she considers is different from what I considered before. When I selected the university, I prefer the school which has more professional teachers. In contrast, she thinks that the school should have more courses can improve her social capabilities. In the end, she makes Zhejiang University as her destination. That makes me know that schools with a variety course selection can attract more elites.

Granted that the school should maintain and improve the professional education. The practical teaching, however, is becoming a vital task. Youngsters begin to concentrate on if they can get a competitive career future, attain interpersonal skills. Meanwhile, most companies prefer to the graduates with some working experience. Faced with great employment pressure, students hope that they can not only get knowledge from the textbook, but also acquire social skills from school courses.




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