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Today we will learn colors! So, let's begin =)

Black - Nero
White - Bianco
Brown - Marrone
Grey - Grigio
Green - Verde
Red - Rosso
Blue - Blu
Yellow - Giallo
Silver - Argento
Gold - Oro
Pink - Rosa
Violet - Viola
Purple - Porpora (Viola)
Orange - Arancione/Arancio
Cyan - Ciano (Blu)

If we want to say that a color is very soft, we say: Light [color]. In Italian we say [color] chiaro. On the contrary, if we want to say that a color is very dark, we say: Dark [color]. In Italian we say [color] scuro. Then, we have a large variety of colors (or better, of shades), but I wrote only the main ones. If you are interested in knowing the names of other colors, write them down in English, and I will translate them in Italian!

Let's play! Write in a comment the right name of the color!
Dark blue
Light red
Dark green
Light yellow
Dark violet
Light brown
Dark grey
Light pink
Dark purple
Light orange




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