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libri per bambini


Secondo voi per bambini molto piccoli sono meglio libri con grandi figure semplici e poche parole o con belle figure e un po' di parole? Ma secondo voi ai bambini piace leggere?



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    It is very important to say what kind of child he\she is..... “left-brained” and “right-brained”? 


      “left-brained,” I mean those who think abstractly and logically, analyze and systematize, process things linearly (or one at a time), focus on verbal rather than nonverbal communication, and prefer to work INDEPENDENTLY.


    “right-brained,” I mean those who think more holistically, apply intuition and emotion, process many things simultaneously, are sensitive to nonverbal communication and body language, and prefer to work WITH OTHERS.



    "the left brain will tend to work harder on algebra (which is a lot like language grammar), while the right brain will do most of the geometry work. Mental arithmetic is strongly in the right brain because symbols must be moved around in a visual-spatial way.

    HAve a look at the "Boy chases kangaroo "


    Left brain words = Right brain images


    That is why SOME children LIKE reading ...others do not))) I think....


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