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elderly population

I was ask to do a home visit today and to assess 82 year old lady who was not feeling well for the last 12 hours. On visiting she was complaining of difficulty in breathing and feeling unwell. She was anxious and unable to explain her symptoms. On examination she was in atrial fibrillation for which she need an urgent admission in hospital.
while we were waiting for an ambulance I start talking about her family and social support or friends. She mentioned about her six children and 2 of them living across the street and they never visit of talk to her on phone. She was feeling lonely and depressed because of it. As a result of loneliness her sleep and appetite was poor.
I felt very sad after listing to her that having a close family across the street and inspite of that she's alone and lonely. I start thinking about my culture where elderly being a supreme of the family and well supported and looked after by the young generation.
It made me realise the importance of good social support and network to help the elderly population in community. same time providing such a support and network might cost a lot to the nhs.




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