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Have you ever been unable to make a mobile phone call when you needed to?

(The question above is from my homework.)

Mobiles are very useful and nowadays we can't imagine a world without them. You can make a call or send a message wherever you are and it speeds up information flow. Mobiles, however, are completely useless when you are out of range or you have no credits on a mobile.

Once, I have been unable to make a mobile phone call when I really needed to because I was out of range.
When I was a middle school student I happened to be locked in the changing room. That day, after a PE lesson I was changing clothes very slowly and I even went to a toilet to fix my hair and when I came out I was alone in the empty room. The door was closed and I couldn't hear anybody who would help me. I decided to call a friend but I was out of range! I panicked. I kept trying to make a call and when I finally managed to find a place where signal strength was good enough it was already a lesson time. None of my friends answered my call. Then, I got the idea to call to the school secretary.
I missed almost the entire chemistry lesson before I came to the class.




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