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My birthday

Today,i just memory 12,Oct is my 21 years birthday.I'm so excting.But i'm don't to plan how to celebrate.I'm a college student.Because of i live in my college apartment,so i can't go back home .My roomates and me plan to eat chafing.They hope my 21years old will perfect.



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    To be with your best friends to have a birthday party is the fascinating experience in your life . Keep it in your mind . The keypoint of your birthday is a matter with who are beside you . As for how your party is , that is not the kernel of hapiness .

    My birthday

    I just remembered that today, 12 Oct is my 21st birthday. I'm so excted. But I don't have a plan for how to celebrate. I'm a college student. Because I live in my college apartment, I can't go back home. My roomates and I plan to eat chafing. They hope my 21st birthday will be perfect.

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