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my travel...……^ ^........ part one

I just finished my travel a few days ago. Nice trip and amazing scenery~! How stingy I am if I don't share this trip with you...hahaha …… ^ ^

The place I went is sichuan province,a province in southtern China. There are two city in my plan,one is chongqing,another is chengdu. I treated chongqing as a hub,becuse the passenger ticket to chongqing is much more cheaper than to chengdu directly. After arriving chongqing and haveing a a-day-trip in chongqing,me and my friends took EMU to chengdu which only takes 2 hours and can save almost three hours than taking traditonal train.

The most beautiful place in my plan is jiuzhaigou valley. Do u know it ? Or have u hear about it before? People who have been to jiuzhaigou summerize two routs to go sightseeing jiuzhaigou. One is one-day-trip, another is two-days-trip. hahaha....The difference between them is some sights in two-days-trip were bypassed. and there are more walk time in two-days-trip.

Jiuzhaigou is a natural sight,some part in it is primeval forest. primeval tree is much higher and bigger than the secondary tree. So we can guess in jiuzhaigou's history, many years ago, aboriginal hewed tree for making house or business untill the government forbid it. so there just a little palce in the top is the primeval. But the secondary tree is growing gratifying in this year's protection. Peopel walk in it can breath very fresh air. Because the vegetation coverage in jiuzhaigou is 85.5%. So there are much oxygen in it's air. Taking another word, you can smell the earth and leaf.

Jiuzhaigou is foumous for it's lakes. It's said in china,you don't have necessary to see others water after haveing been to the jiuzhaigou. People said that for reasons. The water in jiuzhaigou's lake is much more colorful than nomal water. Most of the water we can see is crystal or blue. But in jiuzhaigou is not just this. In a small lake u can see blue,green,navy,bluish ,bottle green ,August green.... The most amazing thing is you still can see the deep inside becuse the water is crystal. Even the stone in deeply or the rotten tree in it. The tourist guide tell us,the lake is colorful because there are much minerals and saprophyte in it.

Now jiuzhaigou is in a good pretection, becuse i saw some birds and a wild duck.^ ^ The pictrue bellow is jiuzhaigou's lake ......beautiful,right?




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