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ok the topic that i chose is technology and you so i'm going to talk about technology

first of all what is technology?

I think it is a very useful tool for us because it help us in many dailies activities like to clean the house with a vacuum cleaner,
and if we want to do our homework in a computer but also the technology offer us fun and entertainment too,
for example in these days everybody is walking on the street listening to music by an mp3 player,or if we want fun we can play video games
in a console like a playstation or an xbox but sometimes these products are too expensive for us and we can't buy them
nowdays the people search products that are affordable,inexpensive and the most important guaranteed
since the technology has invented these devices our lifes have improved a lot
because it makes us the life more easy with new products and devices that improve our way to live
but there aren't only good things with the technology also there are devices,products defective or broken



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