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My natural country

Costa Rica, my country, small on size but the biggest in beauty. I'm proud with my country.
The food is special, rice and beans, the dishes and drinks from corn. We have much agriculture, and many families live farming the field. Many fruits and vegetable, melon, watermelon, mango, corn, pineapple.
I invite you to seach about Costa Rica on google.



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    My Natural Country

    Costa Rica, my country, is small in size but the biggest in beauty. I'm proud of my country.
    The food is special; we have rice and beans, and meals and drinks made from corn. Our society is very agrarian, and many families make a living by farming the land. My country grows many fruits and vegetables including: melons, watermelons, mangos, corn, pineapples.
    I invite you to conduct a seach about Costa Rica on Google.

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