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Story of a pig and a panda (1)

Story of a pig and a Panda

OK, this is the slimmest pig ever in this world.(PS:he wasn't a runt; height:6.2 feet; weight: less than 120 lbs I guess)

He's from an island called Cat Chicken. People there love fish so much that they even befriend fish. Pig is the only one there who hates fish to death; his head was sucked into a fish mouth when he was a piglet.

As a pig, he's pretty useless.

Here are my four reasons for his uselessness

1. Too slim = can't be turned into bacon

2. Too tall = can't go in caves

3. Too lazy = has trouble taking showers before bedtime

4. Too mean = upsets panda at times

However, this pig has everything panda needs; as if he is the only one that can keep her cheerful.

As much as panda doesn't want to admit, pig is quite artistic (not his handwriting).
The first heart he drew for her was blue and it turned the panda frown into a panda smile.
His magnum opus of those four letters has touched panda deeply.(esp that butterfly and the sun)

You may wonder why a pig can draw. All I can say is he isn't a normal pig. He made panda summon up all her strength to build up that future with him, the one full of lollipops and ice cream. seems I forgot to introduce panda.

To be continued...




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