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Franse pistes en Nederlandse meisjes

I'm trying but I can't translate it to Dutch. If someone could do it? or just a first part?

We were snowboarding for 7 hours everyday. At the end of the day we were just riding down the mountain right to the door of our flat. There were also lots of opportunieties to do the offroad. Actualy, It was my first time offroading ever. The snow was over one meter high and at the begining, I was falling down all the time. The hardest part of that was to stand up. And it's not easy thing to do when yor board is one meter under the snow. Your are on the edge of an heart attack. Really. To climbe out tooks me about 5 minutes. I had snow even in my panties. But after one day I learned how to offroad. And it was fun.

Once, somewhere in the middle of the day we meet 3 Dutch girls while having a beer in a bar. They asked us what language do we speak? The answer was: Polish. We had a small conversation, and one of them asked - how our language sounds to you? Cause lots of people are saying that when listening to Dutch, you can notice only ghrhrhghrhgrh sound al the time.
My friend answered: it sounds a bit like a mix of German and English spoken by Donald Duck. We laughted hardly.




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