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Hello Tokyo

Hi my name is Jade, and I have just moved to Tokyo after studying/living in the U.K. for a couple of years.

The relocation is the reason that I am starting my writing practice here as I feel my English ability has gone rusty day after day, making my already problematic writing even worse. In Tokyo, the most common way of using English is that Japanese people translate the sounds of foreign-language vocabulary directly to Japanese katagana spelling. For example, "television" is written as テレビ (telebi). However, Japanese people do not speak English very often, making me have to learn Japanese as well. The absance of English environment here makes me seek for the alternatvie way of learning English.

As many of my Asian friends told me that one's Japanese ability is usually negatively correlated to his/her English, my goal is to break this correlation, to improve my English writing/speaking and to enhance my Japanese to the N1 level by the end of next year.

Hope I can make it! :)




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