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Life Sucks And This Does Never End

Let's face it my friends. Are you really happy with your life? I don't think so. What is life all about? All the years of study in school, all the pain we walk through, all the myseries we have to face. Does it ever end? No wonder the song by Meat Loaf "Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back" is extremely famous. Just take a look at the lyrics and read them slow and carefully.

Have your dreams you had in your life ever became real? I know what you are dreaming of. A great house, especially in areas you like, a girl or boy which is hot as Hell and always nice and which would never betray you, expensive cars or becoming a movie star or singer. Whatever you dream of. Forget these dreams. To 99,8% of us these dreams will never become real.

I know what I'm talking about. I work in one of the german Jobcenters. I see the destroyed existences every day. Mostly they have been destroyed by bad relationships. Everything breaks apart like glass. And if you are not workless, you work day by day like a machine until you die.

I do really wonder, why so many people are scared of death. We all die anyway and it can set us free from all the earthly trouble. As I was a teenager, I often thought about it when I had big depressions at this time. And looking the last 10 years back, my life has not become very different. I just have my own apartment and work. These are the only two things which have changed. But I'm still alone and being bored as well. Only the great music I listen to every day keeps me up a bit. Thats the first thing I do, when I arrive home from work.

I had many dreams and some of them are still alive. It would be too private to write about them here. I would not even tell my closest chat friends or my family. For them I'm too weird anyway. But I know that I never can achieve these dreams, although I never dream of big castles to live in or fast cars to ride with. But I'm sure my dreams will not come true anyway.

With 24, if you haven't experienced many things already most people start to experience with 16 already you are done. You are through. The plane has flown up to the sky without you. And the people who are in the plane, flying together away, are laughing about you. How much you wish to shoot the plane down to take revenge. But you don't have the power or the guns. They have won and you wonder what your life was all about.

You just don't know what to do then. The next day has started already and the everyday life routine goes on until the end.




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