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hello! everybody..can you help me?

“It is important to follow fashion.” Do you agree?

Nowaday fashion is necessary for society, but it is also harmful to us.

First of all fashion triends are expensive to keep up with changing fashions. If you buy new clothes for the season, you must constantly buy new clothes, which constantly go out of style. Instead of buying cheap trendy clothes, you make high quality clothes that are classic and old and can be changed nextyear.

Another disadvantage of follow fashion is it will make you look like everyone in the world. Express your own individuality by switching thingup, shop clothes which you have gone to buy and everyone too.

Finally following fashion triends are good clothes thrown away when fashion changes. Many people that when there is a new fashion triend they will throw away and buy new clothes..eventhough that clothes was still new probably like 8 months..that is such a waste of money.




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