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recently , have a bad mood , seems nothing going well, have anxious ,moody , and freak out very easily .
everything is based on trust , without it , nothing can work .
manything happened recently , maybe i m too much selfish , not consider the other ppl's feeling , but suppose if u have close friend , they will care about u when u r in bad time , even just once . anyway , i m disappointed on this , even i considered myself is a person not that bad . and the 1 i think who can understand me and care about me , shout on me and said something really hurt .i m confused now , where i can go next .sorry guys , i speak something here and there , maybe just want to spend some motion here , then i will not b nerves ,wish everything back to normal soon , and i m really worry now , coz ,i don't feel like i can have a friend talk about all of these .




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    Back to my original mindset is my way to find a solution . Trust should be established upon comprehension of humanity .  If you can void your complicated thinking at any rate , I guess you could fin the way out before long  . Premeditation is another way to get your thread clearer in a complicated context .

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