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New Words / Vocabulary Part II


correlation [kawr-uh-LEY-shuh n, kor-] (n.) – a direct or indirect relationship between two or more things
Example: Upon analysis, the manager found that salary had a direct correlation with job satisfaction.

core [kawr, kohr] (adj.) – the most basic or the most essential
Example: Integrity and professionalism are the company’s core values as it aims to take care of the company’s name.

extent [ik-STENT] (n.) – the degree or range that is affected by something
Example: The veterinarian sadly informed the pet owners that the extent of the dog’s infection was beyond cure.

pit against [pit uh-GENST, uh-GEYNST] (v. phrase) – to make someone or something fight against another person or thing
Example: The commanding officer pitted Nathan against Matt in the training.

checklist [CHEK-list] (n.) – a list of things that must be done
Example: The checklist helped the child finish all the chores he needed to do today.

casualty [KAZH-oo-uh l-tee] (n.) – a person killed in a war, accident, disaster, etc.
Example: The number of casualties in the Syrian War has now reached 100,000.




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