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Estonian for beginners 3

Kott on must. See ei ole valge. Maja on pruun. See ei ole punane. Puu on roheline. See ei ole oranž. Veoauto on kollane. See ei ole punane. Hoone on sinine. See ei ole lilla. Uks on pruun. See ei ole roheline.

Су’мка чё’рная. Она не бе’лая. Дом кори’чневый. Он не кра’сный. Де’рево зелё’ное. Оно не ора’нжевое. Грузови’к жё’лтый. Он не кра’сный. Зда’ние си’нее. Оно не фиоле’товое. Дверь кори’чневая. Она не зелё’ная.

The purse is black. It is not white. The house is brown. It is not red. The tree is green. It is not orange. The truck is yellow. It is not red. The building is blue. It is not purple. The door is brown. It is not green.




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