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What's called kingly tao ?

knock the man down who is perverse

Domineering tao ?

knock all down

Confucius’s tao ?

Just say “hi ” before knocking him down !




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    Confucianism Tao


    What's called kingly righteous Tao? ? Knock down those who are tyrants. the man down who is perverse

    Domineering Tao? ? Just knock all everyone down! ! 

    Confucius’s Tao? Just say “hi ” Greet first before knocking him them down!

    1.  Took me a while before I could figure it out.  It would be best if you have the original Chinese when you try translation.  Those who are bilingual can help you better :)

    2.  No space before most single punctuation marks.  For example, period, comma, question mark or the interjection.  The dash requires one space before and after it.  Leave one space before enclosing marks such as quotes and brackets.  For example, "This is an example".

    3.  If a singular word ends with an 's', just put the apostrophe after it.  No need to add an extra 's'.

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