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Second letter to my Cutie Pie

I'm currently trying to improve my writing skills, so I wrote this for my gf. Please feel fre to correct it.

That evening I was walking down the street when I saw a couple wigging out...
I tried not to look at them so if they were supposed to exist in that moment in my destiny I wouldnt get into trouble changing the story.

I left that street and got into the metro.

As going downstairs to take the last train home, I started reviewing my thoughts of that day, and finally found something that I wrote down with red color.
It was your name.. I knew that my brain would delete everything that considers not to be really essental.. But I kinda knew that it won't delete that data vital for my existence.

That night, a question popped up of nowhere...

I didnt know her ,and I knew that I was really paranoid for asking myself that question over and over.. I kept myself thinking "FIrst things first... first things first"

I was really afraid that she wouldn't take me seriously....
It was something that really intrigued me deep inside. Not like those questions about what is the feet's pink finger's function? But more like, What If I cuddle up in her arms to be there forever and then I look to the ground and then, that ground below us never really existed, all of it was just pure and false hope.




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