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Book review of 《The dream, is merely a piquancy decision》

《The dream, is merely a piquancy decision》, HuaShao who is the author of the book recalled lots of his past: from a shy boy grew up to be a radio DJ; from working at TV station as a temporary to becoming a famous host; be from a single parent family but never felt the lack of love;get married and have children but not to the age of thirty, responsibility made him grow;the sense of achievement and pressure after getting the reputation of "the good tongue" which came from the voice of China... This can be seen as a history of a youth, as prints from a young man who left when he was galloping toward the road of dream. It is full of sour,sweet,bitter,pungent, grief at separation and joy in Union on this road.But the author still keeping his heart of utter innocence.When making a decision, struggle unremittingly . This is a kind of clout, is a kind of power to inspire people!
  Narration is the may way of the book.The words are unadorned but not lack of humor, not only spreads out the past clearly but also adds his own sentiments which is a certain wisdom.It makes us thinking deeply. The contents of the book get distillation. It says in the book: If the years can leave the memories of time for us, but it can’t be helped to freeze the enflamed heart absolutely. This may be the best proof of perpetual youth. In fact, One reason for me to watch the voice China is for entertainment, another is that I like watching these dreamers singing, dancing, laughing and realizing their dreams together.How real the dream is! So that I can find the shadow,a shadow of myself,in some places.
  Dream is such a thing which can really make you forget yourself,it provides vector that project the soul. Some people spends all their life energies there,and donot ask anything from outside world, it is not only a kind of spiritual banishment but also a kind of self realization.We need dreams, no matter how condition you are in now,you can harvest your own direction from the book.




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