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The network trade.

Network marketing
Yesterday I went to Amway's workshop. Probably you heared about this firm. Amway sell many different prodacts throught people. In Russia this way call "сетевой маркетинг". Many of Amway's member don't like this name. "It doesn't network marketing!" say they. Their buisenes system calls "Network 21". Word "network" means "сетевой" in Russian language.

I don't judge this activity. Many people find pleasure in it. However, I don't understand their methods of work. For instant, yestarday my familiar invited me to workshop, she was very irksome. I said it doesn't interesting for me. And she said - "Please, come for me". I think, it's not business method. Then one of my familiar's friend tryed to invite me (very demandingly) on her personally workshop ( really, she wanted that I will work for she in future). I refused, because I haven't got free time for that activity. "I haven't got time too, I work very much" said she depreciatingly. I felt anger from her insolence.

Now I won't tell about content of workshop. I even don't know how well this system functions. I want to note as people behave when they try to sell. They think you must do what they wish. If you needn't in products, they will force to buy anything. It's a main reason, which do this business unattractive for me. I can't intrude to people. It's awfull.

What about Amway's activity in your country? I know, Amway came in Russia from America. Maybe in America people work differently and their practice tecnology doesn't bother other.




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