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it is not so easy being male.

We saw last week that woman role is so difficult. Normally woman have role overload. But being male is so difficult too.
It is true that males enjoy so many advantages (they usually have more positive self-concept, greater confidence in themselves, greater status than women, and normally they usually have less experience discrimination and harassment because of their gender. But... being a male it is not all advantages.... they have a lot of pressures. For exameple if the role of wife is being a mother, the role of man is win money to pay bills. our society encourages us to think that the man who makes 50.000 a year is more man than the one who makes 10.00 (in other words, society sais that they need to win money to be more male, but this not only depends about himself.)
there are another difficult position. Society says that if a male do the houseworks, there are less male, but if they dont do it they are male chauvinist.

pd: this is not my opinion, i need to do a summary of a text that it says this.



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