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please translate..

Здравстуйте. я из России. Благодарю,что приняли меня в группу.У вас уютно. Я специалист по инициационной терапии мужской и женской зрелости. мне интересна тема системных расстановок и хочу больше об этом узнать.




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    *** Hello. I am from Russian. Thank you for accepting me in your group. ***


    Alternatively; I appreciate it that you accepted me into your group/ I am grateful that you accepted my application to join your group.


    *** It is quite cosy here/your group seems quite cosy ***


    – sounds odd in English. Perhaps, ‘there seems to be a friendly/inviting atmosphere in your group’?


    I am a specialist in initiatory therapy for mature men and women


    I am interested in/of particular interest is… the subject of systemic constellations and I intend/aim/seek to find out more about it/research it in greater detail.

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