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How to pronounce some words?

Yep, that's a common question that I ask to myself almost every day, Why? Well, I guess it's because I am not an English native. OMG, I don't know what to write at this message, let's see, I am gonna write about the little young who lives at my side (My neighbor). ooo no, sorry, I realized that I can't talk about him because It doesn't make any sense with the headline, does it? so I am gonna stop writing bullshit hahahaha

So, How to pronounce some words? Do you think there is there a trick to do it fast, easy and better? Do you think the best way to do it is moving out to some native country? mmmm I think that these are normal questions, I mean, we usually ask these questions to someone or we usually try to find the answers to these questions 'cause we want to do it no matter the way. Anyway, the truth is that we have to study a lot if we want to learn something new like a language, a career o whatever thing you wanna learn.

I was practicing with someone on Skype a week ago and I wanted to say something, I don't remember what was that because it was a week ago but I do remember that I attempted to use these two words: where and were. I know it's easy for you but it's not so easy for me. Bien, thanks for your corrections and have a good one.




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