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Wie kann ich sagen

"then again" auf deutsch?




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    So in the context of second thoughts (but then again) it's more appropriate to say "aber dann" and "dann wieder" when something has repeadetly done, right?

    It's a lot easier to look at concrete examples.

    I like to travel but, then again, I'm very fond of my home.
    Ich reise sehr gerne, aber auf der anderen Seite bin ich auch gerne zu Hause. ("aber auf der anderen Seite" = but on the other hand)

    I agree she types accurately, but then again, she's very slow.
    Es stimmt, dass sie sehr sorgfältig schreibt, aber sie ist dabei auch sehr langsam. ("aber ... auch")

    I always wanted to learn another language. Then again, I think it may be too difficult for me.
    Ich wollte schon immer eine andere Sprache lernen. Aber dann/Dann wiederum/Dann wieder denke ich, dass das für mich zu schwierig sein wird. ("dann wiederum", "dann wieder")


    "Dann abermals" is always for a repeated occurence, at least I can't think of an example where it's used in the sense of "then again". Together with "dann", "wieder"/"wiederum" expresses second thoughts (that is, a repeated thought that is contrary), not a repetition by itself. That's actually parallel to "again" in the English expression, which by itself is also used for repetition.


    If you have something specific in mind, feel free to be more concrete.



    Wie kann ich "then again" auf Deutsch sagen?

    You can use "dann wiederum" or "dann abermals". Check the dictionary for its usage.

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