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Korean Vocabulary 3

1-Please open your book 책을 펴세요 (chakul phusayo)
2-Please turn a page 책장을 넘기세요 (chakjhangul nomkhesayo)
3-I see 알겠어요 (alkathayo)
4-I don't know 모르겠어요 (morikathayo)
5-How are you? 안녕하세요 (anyonghaseyo)




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    Korean Vocabulary 3

    1-책을 펴세요 (chakul phusayo) chaek eul pyeo se yo
    2-책장을 넘기세요 (chakjhangul nomkhesayo) chaek jang eul neom gi se yo
    3-알겠어요 (alkathayo) al ges seo yo or al get seo yo
    4-모르겠어요 (morikathayo) mo reu ges seo yo
    5-안녕하세요 (anyonghaseyo) an nyeong ha se yo


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