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Jeg bruker hjelp med norsk verbformene

Hei alle sammen! Jeg lærer norsk siden fire uker og jeg syns noen verbformer vanskelig. Fordi min norsk er ikke ennå så god jeg vil skrive texten på engelsk. Jeg håper dere kan hjelpe meg. :) Takk!

Hi guys!
I need some help with 4 grammatical tenses. I'd would be great if you could tell me how to build and use the norwegian passive voice and correct my notes about the presens futurum perfektum and the preteritum futurum perfektum, which I found on the internet :)

1. How to form the passive voice? i just found out that it is made by the stem of the verb +es, but how is it used in sentences, any examples maybe?

2. Presens futurum perfektum (which seemes to be comparable to the conditional in english)
- I found out:
the pfp is used to express realistic opportunities, which are still realizable. it's made by vil ha + present participle
- Vi tenker at vi skal trene mer.
- Jeg håpe at du vil ha arbeided fra morgen til kveld.

3. preteritum futurum perfektum (which seems to be comparable to the englisch conditional perfect)
- expresses something that should have been finished in the future but didn't, so it is unrealistic to be finished: ville/skulle/bør/... + ha + present participle
- Jeg skulle ha lært for valderingen.
- Du ville ha spist eplet hvis du har spurt ham for det.
(You would have eaten the apple, if you had asked him for it)

4. How do you say .....?:
a) I should speak(/...)
b) I could speak
c) I would speak
Is it?:
a) Jeg skulle snakke
b) Jeg kunne snakke
c) Jeg snakket

so that it is like in english; when you want to express the more simple conditional, that you just use the past tense?

Jeg håper at jeg gjørte ikken før mange feil! Og tusen takk allerede nå for korrigere meg!!! Ha det bra!

also you use that form in the indirect speech. this construction is made by the presentform of the verb in the subordinate clause.
-Han sier at hun spiser eplet.




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